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We are dedicated to preserving and restoring tributes to Native Americans in the U.S. mainstream in the face of an onslaught by charlatans and hustlers who are bent on wiping out Native American tributes by deeming them “racist” in was can only be described as an act of social and cultural genocide. We believe Native Americans deserve to share in the mainstream consciousness alongside the other cultures which enjoy their parts that make up the great American tapestry. Part of this directive insists that sports team names, such as Redskins, Braves, Chiefs, Indians, Blackhawks, Warriors, Fighting Sioux, as well as many others, allow the majority of Native Americans to take part in U.S. cultural pastimes wherein other ethnic groups enjoy and take pride in their Cowboys, ’49ers, Patriots, Fighting Irish, Volunteers and other symbols which largely represent the historical subjugation and slaughter of, and theft from Native Americans. The majority of Native Americans enjoying tributes to their heritage, as founders of the American continents, are being unfairly silenced by the genocidal horde.


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